PE-Steel Transitions

PE-Steel Transitions for gas

PE/steel Transitions designed for gas are made with clamping method in use of polyethylene pipes PE100RC class and steel pipes.

PE/steel Transitions nominal sizes (dn PE pipes / DN steel pipes) from dn25 / DN20 to dn630 / DN550.

Dimensional range of polyethylene pipes include SDR11, SDR17 and SDR17.6. Sizes SDR17 and SDR17.6 are made by rolling SDR11 pipes to wall thickness SDR17 and SDR17.6.

Połączenie PE-Stal kołnierzowe

Seamless PE/steel Flanged Connections

Radiatym’s PE/steel connections are characterised by high durability and have been positively evaluated in tests carried by the Oil and Gas Institute. The quality is confirmed by the National Technical Assessment issued in 2019 (No. INIG-PIB-KOT-2019/0019 edition 1) covering our latest type of PE/Steel joints.

The manufactured Joints have been subjected to internal, restrictive tests such as: checking resistance to axial forces and hydrostatic test in accordance with the Technical Standard ST-IGG-1101: 2017.

Advantage of this solution is elimination of the welding process, which has a negative impact on the environment. Moreover, it is a response to the needs of the market. More often solutions are sought for lighter and shorter construction.

Połączenie PE-Stal kołnierzowe

Dimensional range

PE/steel Transitions for gas are manufactured in a range of end connections:

  • steel pipe for welding (bare) – available in the range from dn20/DN15 to dn630/DN500
  • steel pipe with flat flangeavailable in the range from dn20/DN15 to dn63/DN50
  • steel pipe with external threadavailable in the range from dn20/DN15 to dn63/DN50


PE/steel Transitions are used for the construction, repair and reconstruction of gas distribution networks. They are intended for installation on gas pipelines for gas transmission according to PN-C-04750:2011 and can be used at temperatures from -10C to +30C.


Materials used meet all necessary requirements. Polyethylene pipes PE 100 have a declaration

of compliance with the PN-EN 1555-2:2012 standard while the PE100RC pipes are marked with the construction mark and have a Declaration of Conformity with the Technical Approval issued by the manufacturer of PE100RC pipes.

Steel pipes used for production of PE/Steel connections meet requirements of the PN-EN ISO 3183 and for diameters less than 33.7mm the PN-EN 10216-1:2004.

Steel element of PE/Steel connection is permanently marked with RADIATYM’s trade mark.

PE-Steel Transitions for water

Dimensional range

PE/steel connections for water are produced along with::

  • steel pipe for welding (bare)
  • steel pipe with flat flange
  • steel pipe with external thread

Available range from dn25/DN15. Connections above DN1000 available upon request.



PE/Stal Transitions intended for use in water supply systems are made with clamping method using polyethylene pipes of PE100 and PE100RC class and steel pipes.


Seamless PE/Stal Flanged Connections for water

Flanged PE/Stal Connections for water is also available in seamless version.


HIGIENIC CERTIFICATE issued by the National Institute of Public HealthNational Institute of Hygiene

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